Our sophisticated and specific process sets us apart from most.

Athletes start with a movement assessment and performance test to help understand their strengths, weaknesses, and potential for injury. 

This provides us with the baseline data on athletic qualities like speed, force, and power, ultimately providing us with a roadmap to design a training program that will maximize results.

We then design a program with staged, achievable goals, and the hard part begins. You work the program. 

Retesting occurs on a periodic basis, providing insight for adjustment and refinement to your training program.

Our training is far from a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all, approach.


understanding the baselines

The RAPID Process begins with meeting with your performance coach to learn about your injury history, training background, and your “why” for coming in.

The intent is to gather the needed information in order to design an intelligent plan to achieve your goals.

RAPID has acquired two Proteus machines for generating advanced metrics.

Proteus is the first-ever solution that provides objective metrics in power and balance that can accelerate and enhance positive outcomes during athletic training.

Goal Setting

It’s important to have a vision on where you want to go and what specific result you are striving for. Your performance coach will work with you to put together attainable bodyweight, speed, and power goals so that we track your progress and ensure you’re moving in the right direction.

Program Design

defining goals and methodologies

Utilizing the information obtained from our table assessment and the baseline data on athletic qualities like speed, force and power, your performance coach will create your individualized training program. This program will be stored in our filing cabinet and be used during your sessions. You will learn the names of the exercises, how to do them, and be able to track the resistance or weight used.

Work the Program

it’s time to get to work!

Now that you have all the tools, it’s time to get to work!  

Remember, this is a process. Maintaining discipline by coming in consistently and having specific intent with your workouts will ultimately be the key to your success.

Retest and Adjust

Approximately every 4 weeks, your coach will retest previous performance measurements in order to track the progress you have made and see what adjustments might be needed. 

Your program will progress for the next month’s block, as you will experience new exercises or variations, along with intensity and resistance modifications depending on your situation.

Next step

Rapid Sports Performance provides pro-level speed, strength, and injury prevention programs for the committed athlete.