professional baseball

RAPID Sports Performance continually trains, on average, over 30 professional baseball players each year. The majority of them have been with us for more than five years and in some cases, over a decade.

This doesn’t happen because 30+ pro baseball players live right around the corner from one of our facilities, nor is it because there is a lack of other  options for them. It’s the result of twenty years of grit and gratitude in building a center of excellence that embodies knowledge, a genuine high level of care, and a magnetic culture.

Anyone navigating through sports, or is close to the sports training world, knows that Atlanta is saturated with gyms and performance facilities. Many even claim to have some secret sauce.

We let our results do the talking.

Watch MLB’s NL All-Star and Rockies OF talk about his eight-year training experience at RAPID.

Take an in-depth look of what it’s like to train at Atlanta’s most reputable baseball performance facilities.

Rapid Sports Performance provides pro-level speed, strength, and injury prevention programs for the committed athlete.