• Gordon Beckham

    Rapid Clients Gordon Beckham & Tyler Flowers

  • Capps

    "Mike & his staff consistently work on staying on top of their game which is why I chose Rapid for my off-season training…"

    Matt Capps, 2010 MLB All Star Relief Pitcher

  • Gordon Beckham

    "Mike’s core & leg workouts are like none other. I’m confident the training increases my power at the plate and improves my range at second base."

    Gordon Beckham, Chicago White Sox

  • Boggs

    “The overall training experience not only showed me improvements in all areas of performance, but I learned another side of training that was beyond machines or your typical isolation type exercises.”

    Brandon Boggs, Milwaukee Brewers

  • Kelly Johnson

    "I’ve trained with Mike for 5 off seasons. Each year I can count on his workouts evolving and covering every demand of the game. It’s not your typical strength & conditioning program, but fully prepares me for the season."

    Kelly Johnson, 2B, Tampa Bay Rays

  • Jeremy Hermida

    "I’ve experienced a training program different from others. Focusing on core stability and proper movement patterns really enhanced my overall strength in a big way."

    Jeremy Hermida, OF, First round (11th overall pick) in 2002 MLB Draft.

  • Rangers Draft

    "Rapid prepared me for the showcases and the high school season leading to the draft. I have complete confidence in their ability to get me to where I need to be…"

    Travis Demeritte, 2013 MLB 1st Round (30th overall pick)

  • Slowey

    "Rapid’s off-season training provided with the results I was looking for in the 2 years I trained there."

    Kevin Slowey, RHP, Miami Marlins

  • Teaford

    "For me, improving rotation and hip mobility is a must. Mike and his team are proficient in assessing and providing the necessary means to improve movement deficiencies that increase injury and decrease performance…"

    Everett Teaford, LHP, Kansas City Royals

  • Charlie Blackmon

    "I turn to Rapid in the off-season to focus on increasing core strength, leg power, and overall speed. The detailed core and leg exercises deliver the bat speed and first-step quickness that I’m looking for…"

    Charlie Blackmon, OF, Colorado Rockies

Rapid Sports Performance

Rapid Sports Performance Inside look
Winning means you're willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else.

Rapid Sports Performance attracts amateur and professional athletes in a wide range of sports with one thing in common. They devote themselves to being the best they can be. We train soccer players, football players, lacrosse players, basketball players, volleyball players, softball players and perhaps most notably, Rapid is home to throngs of Georgia's elite baseball players. Currently our clientele include more than 20 major leaguers, six of whom were first-round draft picks, as well as countless high school and college players.

A passion for educating athletes coupled with a commitment to delivering results is what differentiates Rapid Sports Performance from our competitors. As a result, Rapid has been in business for more than 10 years and have earned the rank of trusted advisor and training partner for hundreds of athletes devoted to being the best they can be.
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2013 First Round Draft Pick Josh Hart

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When it comes to training baseball players in the Atlanta area, I trust & use Mike Berenger for my son’s (Daz) strength, speed & injury prevention needs.

Mike Cameron, 17 year MLB veteran

When it comes to baseball training facilities in Atlanta, Mike Berenger’s Rapid Sports Performance stands out from them all. He’s a trusted expert that I encourage any baseball player to see if trying to get to the next level…

Danny Hall, Head Baseball Coach, Georgia Tech